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Rong-Bao Lu, MD, the director of the center, is one of the few doctors with licenses in both medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Lu has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine for over three decades. He graduated from the Second Military Medical School in Shanghai, China, where he learned western medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

He has been practicing western medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture for over thirty years. Chinese medicine and acupuncture are truly holistic and a whole person approach. Dr. Lu is also a Professor at the American International Acupuncture Institute in New York City.

Dr. Lu has been using Chinese medicine, including Chinese herbs and acupuncture to treat female and male infertility for many years. Acupuncture significantly increases conception.

Dr. Lu has authored a number of chapters and articles in books and medical journals including JAMA and The American Journal of Physiology. The New York Times, Channel 11, and other newspapers and TV stations have interviewed him.

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